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"I had no plans to include what I thought was an outdated God, irrelevant to modern society, in my life. Sure, He created us, but nobody had heard from Him since. God was a cultural antiquity to me."

Only Ever

Every person has a big-picture purpose that is refined in our daily journey. God guides us into situations in life to discover who we are and who He is. That process is part of His purpose. God invites us to come closer through relationship to discover His perfect plan for our lives. Purpose is not a moment of arrival, but a personal, everyday demonstration of the ONLY God EVER.

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“Only Ever”

Book Reviews

Jason's book is about using the puzzle pieces in everyday life to create the bigger picture of the puzzle; our God given purpose on earth. Only Ever highlights deep conversations that take place when we have a personal relationship with Christ. I felt like I was talking to a friend as I read. This book is a necessary read for every believer in spite of where you are in your journey.


Grace Wai-Wai
Trust Officer

As a young believer, I am inspired to live a life with purpose. To live knowing that God is the centerpiece of my life. Only Ever has strengthened my beliefs. I feel encouraged by this book to go out and preach to the world about the truth of Jesus. A MUST READ!!


Orest Ndabaneze
MRU Student

“Jason has a compelling story to tell and he communicates it with honesty and simplicity. It is extremely rare and refreshing to receive such authenticity from an author who continues to actively live out his message.”

Dr. Leon Van Rooyen
Resident of Global Ministries & Relief

“Only Ever is inspiring and practical. Jason is great at connecting biblical truths in what it looks like to follow Jesus in everyday life. This book has encouraged me and  challenged me to give my all to Jesus and trust His plans for my life.  I am confident that Only Ever will do the same for anyone who desires to live in the fullness of God. No matter what stage you are at in the journey of walking with Jesus, this book is a must read.”

Casey Bjorndal
Regional Facilitator with The Gideons International of Canada

“Jason writes exactly the same way he lives his life: authentic, bold, and fearless. Only Ever was lived out long before pen ever hit paper and no doubt will continue to be throughout Jason’s life. It will encourage and challenge you to find your big-picture purpose as you pursue the only God ever.”

Chelsea Body
Christian Blogger

Discovering Big-Picture Purpose in Your Daily Journey


About Jason

Jason E. P. Johnson is an award winning author who has ministered around the world. He is the president of I Am Church International and has been a pastor for 9 years.

Jason is a keynote speaker and has led international mission teams and crusades. He has established local outreach groups, and has been recognized on 4 occasions for his outstanding pastoral work in evangelism and discipleship. Jason is currently preparing a team through I Am Church International to reach 17,000 villages in Sri Lanka who have never heard the name of Jesus.

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June 23 Saskatoon, SK Canada

Faith Alive Family Church
7pm, 637 University Dr.

June 24 Saskatoon, SK Canada

Kingdom Insights
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Andrea Joy & Jason E.P Johnson with Dr Charles Kazumba

June 24 Saskatoon, SK Canada

Kennedy’s Parables
Andrea Joy Concert and Jason E.P. Johnson Book Signing
1:30pm, 810 Circle Drive

June 29 Elkhorn, MB Canada

Elkhorn Library Book Signing
Jason E.P. Johnson
2-5pm, 110 Richhill Ave W

June 30 Virden, MB Canada

Gopher Creek Cafe
Andrea Joy Concert
7pm, 143 Nelson St W

July 2 Virden, MB Canada

Virden Alliance Church
11am, 375 Frame St E

July 6 Minot, ND USA

Spicy Pie Pizza
Andrea Joy Concert
8pm, 1100 N Broadway

July 7 Minot, ND USA

Classic Rock Cafe
Andrea Joy Concert
7pm, 1408 2nd Ave SW

July 8 Bismarck, ND USA

Good Shepherd Church
5pm, 1408 2nd Ave SW

July 9 Bismarck, ND USA

Lord of Life Lutheran Church
9:30am, 1143 N 26th St

July 11 Fargo, ND USA

20 Below Coffee Co.
Andrea Joy Concert
14 Roberts St N

July 13 Minneapolis, MN USA

Andrea Joy Concert
7pm, 1390 Avalon Ave.

July 19 Akron, OH USA

Grace Church Bath Campus
Moms Matter Andrea Joy Concert & Jason E.P. Johnson
9:30am, 754 Ghent Rd 44333

July 21 Akron, OH USA

Andrea Joy Concert
7pm,1015 Woodhaven Blvd

July 26 Myerstown, PA USA

The Bible Group
Andrea Joy & Jason E.P. Johnson7pm, 71 Ladybug Lane

July 28th Myerstown, PA USA

Andrea Joy Concert
71 Ladybug Lane

July 30, Lebanon, PA USA

Andrea Joy & Jason E.P. Johnson
9:30am, 1100 Hunters Chase Ln

August 3 Sinking Spring, PA USA

Andrea Joy Concert
7pm, 23 Chasen Ct.

August 4 Rehrersburg, PA USA

Teen Challenge
Jason E.P. Johnson & Andrea Joy
7pm, Private Show

August 12 Toronto, ON Canada

CP Life Centre
Andrea Joy Concert
7pm, 10-705 Progress Ave

August 13 Toronto, ON Canada

CP Life Centre
Jason E.P. Johnson
11am, 10-705 Progress Ave

August 16 Toronto, ON Canada

“Chai with Molly”
TV Interview with
Jason EP Johnson & Andrea Joy

August 19 Toronto, ON Canada

Harvest Christian Church
Andrea Joy Concert
7pm, 196 Toryork Dr.

August 20 Toronto, ON Canada

Harvest Christian Church
Jason E.P. Johnson
11am, 196 Toryork Dr.

August 20 Toronto, ON Canada

Torch Ministries
Jason EP Johnson & Andrea Joy
6pm, 7775 Yonge St.

August 22 Burlington, ON Canada

TV Interview
with Jason E.P.Johnson
11am, 100 Huntley Street

September 8th Red Deer, AB Canada

Worship His Majesty
Andrea Joy

September 9th Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Worship His Majesty
Andrea Joy

September 16th Calgary, AB Canada

Empower Media Live
Andrea Joy Concert

September 23rd Lethbridge, AB Canada

Word on the Street
Jason E.P. Johnson & Andrea Joy

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